Danwind possesses solid experience
in repair and inspections of blades.

We offer all services related to blade repairs. Our teams perform inspections and various types of maintenance, including but not limited to new innovative robotic solutions. Our dedicated Blades Department and highly specialized technicians are here to help with your blade repair and inspection needs.

For quick access and high mobility, we use rope access on low complexity projects and for the more complex and time-consuming work we use platforms or skylifts.

More Blade Repair


  Repair of polyester and epoxy blades

  Leading edge protection

  Consultancy support

  Visual inspection

  Fully equipped service vans incl. materials

  Experienced and highly trained technicians.

Multibrand platforms

Parts & Repair services available for major platforms 


Leading Edge erosion problems on your turbines?

The Danwind LEP solution is developed for both



The LEP-solution is in many ways a significant contribution to the industry. Not only will LEP-repair reduce downtime on the turbine and thereby reduce COE, but it also diminishes the risk factor of the work itself.

In terms of efficiency, the LEP-solution excels other products currently on the market and is proven through RET-testing to improve the lifespan of the blade.

All our technicians have undergone certified training to ensure the quality and proper use of the LEP-solution kit.

For offshore use we have developed special tools, so our technicians are in prime position in front of the leading edge when applying the LEP-solution. For onshore use, we have more options available.

This is what you get

  One product solution (filler and LEP)

  Easy, fast and simple application

  Ultra-fast curing time to minimizes down time

  Uniform properties and curing over a very high temperature span

  Easy and simple on-site quality control by Shore A hardness measurement

  No solvents, no aerosols for minimum of personal protection (PPE)

TEKNOBLADE REPAIR 9000 product data

  A manually applied fast cured polyurea product for LEP coats.

  Application with a caulking gun and spatula

  Single layer of 2000 µ +/- 500 µ or according to requirements

  Cures in 75 seconds, Shore A >80 after 1 hour

  Wide application window 5oC – 35oC, air and substrate temperature

  Elongation to break > 500 %

  Strong adhesion to many substrate types, pull off values > 8 MPa

  Ultra-low water up-take, even at elevated temperature < 2% @70oC

  Rain erosion test > 10 hours to break through

Actsafe & Rope access means less downtime
and professional performance
of blade repair and LEP task.

More Actsafe

Safety first
Danwind complies
with HSE regulations

All employees / hired technicians must work in accordance with our health and safety procedures and policies. It is a core value that our work is always performed in a safe and compliant manner in accordance with HSE regulations.

Our HSE department has the correct know-how and knowledge to follow our customers’ requirements and guidelines when scheduling or carrying out a project.